How many buttons should a gaming mouse have?

How many buttons should a gaming mouse have?

A minimum of 5 buttons. All gamers can agree that a gaming mouse should have at least two buttons on the left side by your thumb, one dpi button on top and of course the normal left and right mouse button and scroll wheel. Other than this it comes down to your personal preference.

What is a Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is like a standard computer mouse but with additional features such as extra buttons, better sensory chips among others. The additional features are always programmable, highly sensitive, adjustable weight, faster response times and comfortable while operating. These gaming buttons are designed to perform different specific functions for swift, accurate and easier use. Some of factors one should consider while purchasing a gaming mouse include, the buttons, DPI {Dots per Inch} how the buttons are programmed, its acceleration, the response rate, comfortability of the design, sensors and its weight.

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A gaming mouse can either be wired or wireless. Different gaming mice have different gaming buttons. Some of the examples of gaming mouse are: Wireless- Logitech G602, Razer Mamba, Mad cats R.A.T. 9 among others and the wired are-Logitech G502, Razer death adder Chroma among others. A gaming mouse has the right button and a left button among others.Generally, a standard gaming mouse should have 6 side buttons.

How to decide how many buttons your gaming mouse needs?

The wide technology and gaming market has allowed for the existence of a great variety of different designs of gaming mice. Thus gaming mice all over the world often present with a range of varying button numbers in each mouse, this can however often be attributed to several circumstances associated with individual purchasing the gaming mouse. Some of the circumstances that often define the number of buttons in a gaming mouse illustrated below.

Gaming Experience

Different players may need different number of buttons in a gaming mouse. The levels of gaming experience start from the amateurs up to legendary. Beginners commonly known as amateurs in the gaming world may not require a gaming mouse with more buttons, mostly they need a gaming button with least buttons. A gaming mouse with three to five buttons may be suitable to perform common and major functions in there gaming world experience. As time goes and they learn, they may require a gaming mouse with increased number of buttons. Most players in the professional or legendary level are more experienced and can operated a gaming mouse with more buttons easily.

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Types of games

Games may differ from one way or another. Some games may require more button functions while others need fewer buttons. In some games some buttons may be completely out of use. In those games a mouse with a fewer buttons may be required. A game that requires more different mouse functions may need a gaming mouse with more buttons to help make the game interesting. A wide variety of games that require different button functions of the mouse may require a more buttoned mouse and vice versa. The type of games you play may determine the type of button mouse you use

Financial Situation

People from different walks of life may be interested in playing the same game but the financial firepower may come to play. The prices of the game mice differ from one design to another. Gaming mouse with fewer buttons for simple games may be less expensive and easily affordable while complex games may require a more buttoned gaming mouse. You may have the games but your pocket may define what button gaming mouse you purchase.

Personal Preference

In the wide market, people tend to purchase a certain design of a product they are more conversant with. If a person is used to a more buttoned gaming mouse, in most occasions they buy the same. How a person is compatible or the type of game he likes may force him to purchase a certain specific design of a button gaming mouse. How frequent someone uses a certain type of a gaming button is likely to affect the preference of number of buttons in a gaming mouse.

Comfortability with the design

Specific people like specific types of things that they are used to. Things like the button accuracy, speed and different key functions may make people decide the type of a button gaming mouse they want. If a client is comfortable with a certain button gaming mouse with a certain number of buttons and grips, they prefer what they feel safe with.

Styles of play

Different people have different style of playing a computer game. A game they intend to play affects the features to consider in a gaming mouse. RTS gamers always need more buttons for alternative functions and macros unlike the FPS gamers whose main priority are always accuracy and fast tracking. The FPS gamers do not need a button gaming mouse with more buttons.

Buttons from different mice are often utilized to execute different functions during gaming. This is because, depending on theplayer’s comfortability, the buttons are often set/programmed to execute functions such as ball passing, shooting, weapons change and so on as the player sees fit. Henceforth, coincidentally, often at times, similar buttons on similar designs of gaming mice or even a totally different design might be set to execute a similar program however not at manufacture but by the buyers themselves. Thus, each button often do not have a strict and designated functionality hence can often be designated to execute any task in any game as directed by the player.

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In conclusion, gaming mice have developed over the years with sophistication. This has created a wide market varieties for this devices ranging from ones with just around three buttons to others with over twenty buttons. This has since created a dilemma on the perfect number of buttons a gaming mouse should have with regards to certain circumstances. Some of the determining factors on the number of buttons of a gaming mouse include the level of experience of the player using the mouse, their financial status and capabilities and the types of games they are anticipating to play. Moreover different games mouse designs with different number of buttons often contribute to the issue of differential comfortiblities among players. And finally some individual /player just prefer certain number of buttons on a gaming mouse rather than other number of buttons. Gaming mouse buttons have undesignated functionalities which are often up to the player to assign as they see fit. Hence in the contemporary society there is no designated number of button of gaming mouse.  

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