Razer Keyboards: All you Need to Know

Razer Keyboards: All you Need to Know

What is a Razer Keyboard?

It is a high-tech mechanical gaming keyboard made by Razer – a top brand company known for producing gaming devices. The company has earned itself a name from designing functional, high quality and smooth devices which make gaming a more enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Razer’s keyboards are not a letdown either, they incorporate convenient mechanical keys and next-level software which can withstand intense gaming sessions.

Other outstanding features include;

  • On-the-fly macro recording.

  • They are well durable and can withstand up to 80 million keystrokes in their lifetime.

  • Great tactile sensations thus allowing gamers a more enjoyable feel.· They receive commands quicker which comes in handy when playing games.

  • Allows players to press up to 10 keys simultaneously thus achieving a high N-key Rollover.

  • Thanks to Razer’s anti-ghosting firmware, the keyboards are faster and provide stronger feedback during activities such as typing.

  • They are sleek and stylish.

  • Most razor keyboards provide brightly colored profile keys which make gaming even more interesting.

Nevertheless, despite the many advantages, they are not all rosy.

Disadvantages include;

  • Razer keyboard’s ultimate keys are a bit stiff when compared to switches like Logitech’s Romer Gs.

  • Some razer keyboards do not provide for a wrist rest area.

  • The keyboard lacks discrete media keys.

  • In Comparison to other keyboards Razer keyboards are quite expensive; depending on the retailer and the type of keyboard, you are likely to find them ranging in between $ 50 – $300.

  • They can be a bit hard to clean as their keys are taller and leave gaps in between.

  • The keyboards can be uncomfortably loud during use especially the green and linear yellow switches.

  • Most use a wired USB connection which can be inconvenient for gamers who frequently move around or prefer playing further from the screen.

The Razer Keyboards

Over the years, Razer has come up with several types of keyboards to address the needs of different gamers. They include;

1. Black Widow Lite

Specially designed for typing, the keyboard is small, sleek and efficient. It comes without a number pad, removable cable and a bag of O rings to make the keys quieter during typing. Compared to other Razer keyboards, it is less-bulkier and easy to carry thus ideal for anyone who travels a lot. It can be bought for $78 on Amazon.

2. Huntsman Elite

It comes with optomechanical switches which quickly register keystrokes thus creating an insanely quick response time. Also, the keyboard is installed with media controls and a multi-functional dial. Unlike some razer keyboards, the Huntsman Elite provides a comfortable wrist rest. It currently goes for $183 at Amazon.

3. Cynosa Chroma

It is the most affordable razer keyboard and can be acquired for only $50 on Amazon. Apart from a 2-year warranty, it is stylish, has full Chroma support and a hyper shift which allows you to add macros and reassign keys pretty fast. The keyboard is also water-resistant which is great in case of spill accidents.

4. Blackwidow

It is the newest entrant in Razers keyboard line up. The Black Widow comes with green switches and a hyper shift that allows users to reassign keys and add macro sand. You can acquire it from Razer at $120 apiece.

5. Turret

If looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse set up for gaming while seated on your couch, then the Turret is a good choice. The keyboard’s package consists of green switches, a mouse, retraceable mouse pad and wrist rest area. Though the Turret is Xbox certified it can also work with a Windows 10 computer. You can get it for $250 at Razer.

6. Ornata Chroma

It is a creative combination of a mechanical and membrane keyboard and is designed for gamers who prefer quieter keyboards. Its mechanical side enables the keyboard to use innovative switches and have a tactile feel, while the membrane part creates quieter and softer effects. The keyboard also provides a soft cushioned wrist rest. It goes for $75 at Amazon.


Despite their disadvantages, Razer keyboards are still considered among the best mechanical keyboards in the market today. This is no surprise as the keyboards are of high quality, last long and streamline gaming sessions. What’s more, their eye-catchy, innovative and top-notch designs take gaming to a whole new level!

If you feel that the Razer keyboards are too expensive, go here and see the best gaming keyboards you can get for under $50.

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